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Ph.D., V.M.Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of NASU, 1999

Dr. Baranovska L.V. holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics. She was awarded as the best Associate Professor at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. Over 20 years, she is a Senior Researcher at the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

She is the author of more than 150 scientific publications and 15 textbooks on higher mathematics.

Baranovska Lesia V. has a Grant from the President of Ukraine and a Prize of the NAS of Ukraine for young scientists.

Since 2013, Dr.Baranovska was awarded the annual University Associate Professor Award on two occasions for excellence in teaching, science and organization work.

Today her main skill sets are learning and development strategies with focus on integrated blended learning.

Her research interests are related to game theory, differential-difference pursuit games, convex analysis, functional analysis and nonlinear control. She is certified (University of Tokyo) scientific researcher on Game Theory, a member of the International Society of Dynamic Games and she is a Head of Scientific Workshop “Game Theory”. Dr.Baranovska is an Editor and Reviewer of several international scientific journals.

Міжнародні проекти
1. Accelerated development of algorithms and software for the calculation of basic trajectories of aircraft guidance and mathematical modeling perturbed motion of the aircraft (№ 01140U000734).
2. Research actual problems of the theory of dynamic and controlled processes and problems of mathematical physics (№ 0112U001235б)
3. Development of models and computational experiments aimed for optimizing the performance properties of structural composites with ceramic matrices, working in extreme conditions (№ 0109U000559)
4. Modeling and numerical experiment of directed study of deformation and fracture of composite materials with lightweight ceramic, cermet and metallic matrices (№ 0112U002308)
5. Computer modeling of the physico-chemical processes for directed solidified ceramic composites of LaB6-MeB2 (Me-Ti, Zr, Hf) at macro-, meso- and microstructure levels (NASA, P-273)
6. Computer modeling of ceramic boride composites (NASA, P-510)


Спеціалізація Дисципліна
Системний аналіз фінансового ринку Алгебра і геометрія


Барановська Леся Валеріївна
35 корп.
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пр.Перемоги, 37, корп.35,

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