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System Analysis and Control

The main goal is the fundamental development in the nonlinear and multivalued analysis, differential-operator equations and inclusions in infinitedimensional spaces. The study is to examine the long-term dynamics of the solutions for classes of the evolution problems in infinitedimensional spaces, which describe the behavior of different nature processes under conditions that do not violate the adequacy of modeling. Studies include the development of nonlinear and multivalued analysis, theory of variational inequalities and evolution inclusions, theory of differential equations with partial derivatives, methods and algorithms for analysis and optimal control of nonlinear systems


1. Qualitative analysis of nonlinear mathematical models for geophysical processes and fields

2. Differential-operator equations and inclusions in infinitedimensional spaces with mappings of pseudomonotone type

3. Multivalued Penalty method for classes of evolution multivariation inequalities

4. Dynamics of solutions for reaction-diffusion equations with multivalued and discontinuous dependences between the parameters of the problem

5. Analysis and Control of hyperbolic differential inclusion with coercive damping

6. Long-term forecasts of state functions for processes of continuum mechanics