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He was a student of Educational-Scientific Complex “Institute of Applied System Analysis (IASA)” in 2002–2008. He got the academician Yu.L. Daletsky award. He was a post-graduate student of National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” (NTUU “KPI”) on Chair of mathematical methods of systems analysis (MMSA). His supervisor was Doctor of Mathematics, Prof.Yu. V. Bogdansky. He obtained Ph.D. degree in Mathematics in 2012 (Ph.D. thesis “Essentially infinite-dimensional differential equations”, speciality – mathematical analysis).

He has been working as the researcher in the Department of applied nonlinear analysis in Educational-Scientific Complex “Institute of Applied System Analysis (IASA)” since 2011.

He has been teaching mathematical analysis, discrete mathematics, mathematical logics and computation theory, linear algebra and analytic geometry and probability theory courses.

Research interests: functional analysis.

His field of work is connected with differential equations, systems of differential equations and boundary-value problems with essentially infinite-dimensional differential operator of the Laplace-Levy type. Abstract Picard theorems for such equations and systems were proved. He obtained the parallel between the theory of nonlinear differential equations (and systems) with the nonregular elliptic operator and the essentially infinite-dimensional elliptic operator and the theory of ordinary nonlinear differential equations. The existence and uniqueness theorems of the solutions of linear differential equations (and systems) with mentioned operators were proved. In some special cases the explicit formulas were obtained.

Research articles: “Linear differential equations with essentially infinite-dimensional operators” (with Yu. V. Bogdansky) (2008), “Nonlinear equations with essentially infinite-dimensional differential operators” (with Yu. V. Bogdansky) (2011), “Systems of essentially infinite-dimensional differential equations” (2011), “Cramer’s rule analog for simultaneous linear differential equations with nonregular elliptic operator” (2011), “Investigation of solutions of boundary-value problems with essentially infinite-dimensional elliptic operator” (2012), “Differential equations of linear type with essentially infinite-dimensional operator” (2013), "The application of the essentially infinite-dimensional elliptic operator to functions f(x,u(x)) and f(x,u_1(x),...,u_m(x))" (2015), "Connection between Petri nets and Polish notation" (2016), "Some control problems for non-homogeneous birth-death processes" (with M. V. Andreev) (2016), "Regular expressions for some Petri net languages for the producer/consumer problem" (2020).

Workbooks: (with I. Ya. Spectorsky and O. V. Stus) Discrete mathematics. Exercises: Workbook (2015) (Ukrainian), (with I. Ya. Spectorsky and O. V. Stus) Methodological recommendations for calculation works in Discrete mathematics: Workbook (2017) (Ukrainian).

Coursebook: (with I. Ya. Spectorsky) Formal languages and automata: Coursebook (2019, 2020) (Ukrainian).

Research Areas

Specialization Research Area
System Analysis and Control Petri Nets


Статкевич Віталій Михайлович
+38(044) 242-85-30
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