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Systems and methods of decision-making

The master studies considered ( among others) :

  • Study standard characteristics for complex networks of different nature - random graphs, scale-free networks, small-world networks, etc.
  • Identification and study of the new features of complex networks, such as the average minimum path, mediation, clustering coefficient
  • The study of various "natural" processes in complex networks - diffusion, epidemic processes, the different fluxes (data, electric current, ...)
  • PageRank algorithm - walk on the Links (hyperlinks) in a complex network of WWW
  • Methods of recovery, protection and destruction of networks
  • Search for implicit connections, those artificially suppressed. As an example - find links terrorists and business intelligence

1. Community Detection in Complex Network_1

2. Vertex Similarity in Complex Network_2

3. Page Rank in Complex Network

4. Hidden Liks in Complex Network

5. Cognitive Maps – K-method

6. Link Prediction in Complex Network

7. Laplacian Matrices in Complex Network